Pay It Forward Worldwide┬«'s processing partner, Nationwide Payment Solutions (NPS), provides the following services:

Processing of Visa / Mastercard / AmEx / Discover Cards
In today's world, the ability to accept major credit cards is a must for any business, and NPS makes that easy and affordable. By choosing NPS, you will benefit from a competitive rate guaranty, no long term contracts and first class support. 

24/7/365 Technical Support
At NPS, we have made it a priority to ensure that each and every help desk technician is fully trained and capable of assisting you with all of your questions in a swift, knowledgeable and friendly manner. You will always find a representative who is willing and able to go that extra mile to achieve total customer satisfaction, all day, every day of the year.

Short-Term Capital Financing 
NPS is able to offer short-term capital financing as an alternative to bank funding. Under this program, you can be provided with working capital advances secured by a portion of future credit card receivables. 

Electronic Gift, Loyalty & Coupon Programs
Our in-house Gift & Loyalty program offers a robust suite of fully customizable services, including 100% unique cards with your business' name & logo, online reporting, a 3-tiered loyalty structure and much more. Gift cards are the perfect marketing tool for businesses both new and established, so let us show you the potential of this fast-growing concept! learn more

Electronic Check Processing
Imagine the convenience of never again having to deposit paper checks, wait for them to clear, or worry about NSF funds. NPS's Check Advantage program offers that security and more. Whether you are concerned taking bad checks or simply just want to increase efficiency by using electronic conversion, NPS
can tailor a custom solution that fits your needs at an affordable price.

High-Speed Network
NPS owns and operates its own high-speed processing network, which means drastically shorter checkout times and increased revenue for our merchants. See for yourself what a difference high-speed processing can make for you and your customers!

PIN-Based Debit & EBT
With the increasing popularity of PIN-based debit cards, the ability to accept debit transactions is a weapon that should be added to every business' arsenal. NPS guarantees the best pin-based debit rates in the industry, and will supply you with the equipment to accept them properly and without penalty.