GIFT CARDS make a perfect addition to any business, big or small. Your customers will love the easy and convenient gift-giving solution that gift cards offer, and you'll love the additional revenue and increased exposure that your business will receive. Moreover, Gift Cards are a proven way to attract new customers to businesses. Whether your business is established or just starting out, marketing with the NPS Gift Card Program is the best possible way to get customers through your door and ensure that they come back!

NPS Gift Cards are completely customizable with your business's logo and can be designed to match your existing marketing scheme. The in-house NPS design team will make a card that's eye-catching an uniquely you. Add that to 24/7 technical support, the ability to check the balance of any gift card on-line adn a host of other feathers and you'll see that NPS's Gift Card Program is the solution you've been looking for!  Gift Card Benefits include:

An Improved Way to Advertise>Customer Loyalty >Increased Revenue

A good marketing strategy is integral to any business, small or large. NPS Gifty and Loyalty cards are the perfect solution to getting the word out. Unlike traditional marketing strategies whose result are unpredictable at best, gift cards will get your name out and in front of more eyes than traditional methods of advertising. 

Tried and true marketing strategies, i.e. placing ads in the local papers or magazines rely heavily on consumers finding your ads on their own.  A bright, eye-catching ad is a great idea, but there is no guarantee that lots of people are going to see it. Television and radio ads are extremely costly and again, you simply don't know who's going to see or hear them. What if there was a way to not only guarantee that hundreds of people are going to see your ad, but also give them a perfect incentive to come and see you?


Here's a letter we recently received formt he owner of a very successful local restaurant who, after having a conference call with NPS and discussing some possibilties, utilized our Gift and Loyalty cards for a Lunch is on US program.
a look:                         

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for meeting with me about our mailing campaign & gift cards. After taking your advice and sending out pre-loaded gift cards to hundreds of residences in our area, our "Lunch is On Us!" program has been a huge success! Business has never been better! As I was saying, we have tried other marketing ideas in the past but we have never seen results as quickly or enthusiastically as we did after sending out those cards.
Thank you again for taking the time to meet with me and help us get this program set up! It's been a wonderful experience & I won't hesitate to recommend the NPS Gift Cards to everyone who's looking for great service knowledgeable help!

The campaign accomplished two things at once: the owner got the word out to her audience and made sure that a large amount of her gift cards were in circulation, all at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising methods. Gift cards are not only great mini-advertisements in and of themselves, but they can be 're-loaded' and given as gifts as many times as you like!