PIFW's processing partner, Nationwide Payment Solutions, has designed special services to meet the unique business needs of the fuel industry. By being able to provide comprehensive and premium service to your customers will guarantee you'll be their designated pit stop wherever they may roam. But in order to keep up the fast pace you'll need a payment processor that offers high-speed authorization and innovative reporting solutions. As one of the premier payment processor for the petroleum industry, Nationwide Payment Solutions is the processing company for you.

Today a large number of the nation's top petroleum/convenience store chains rely on Nationwide Payment Solutions for their electronic payment processing. With Nationwide Payments, petroleum dealers and convenience store owners can offer their customers a variety of fast payment options including:

  • Credit Cards
  • Online Debit
  • Internet Payments
  • Automated Clearing House Debit
  • Fleet Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Electronic Check Conversion
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

NPS maintains strategic partnerships with respected POS hardware vendors and software firms, allowing us to certify more terminal types than most other processors. Whether you're part of a nationwide chain or a single store, Nationwide Payment Solutions has electronic payment solutions that will redefine convenience for you and your customers.

Multi-level passwords give you control of sensitive information like product coding or price setting. Our extensive fraud protection includes last-four-digit re-entry, manually keyed transaction indicators and track 1/track 2 reading.
Our options include stand-alone, ECRs (Electronic Cash Registers) and pay-at-the-pump application.